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POP hair salon 2024
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Time for a fresh look

Hello and Welcome to the website of
POP by Trichomania - Hair Salon and Shop.

My name is Mark Weston and my wife Veronika and I are the people behind POP.

I’ve been a hairdresser for over 30 years now, specialising in haircuts and colour. I began my training in Hamburg in 1987 and have been striving to improve my craft ever since. Veronika is not only my muse, but strongly responsible for the look and feel of the salon. Veronika curated our product ranges like Inlight Beauty and John Masters Organics and is responsible for making the world famous Mason Pearson hairbrushes available in Prague. My job is to look after your hair, train the team and ensure an above average overall experience.

POP offers an international level of service, in a spacious, modern, all english speaking hair salon.

We specialise in all aspects of modern and classic cutting and colouring and keep up with latest trends. We enjoy colour corrections and working with curly hair.

Stop by for a free consultation, to see what we can do for you!

Veronika and I wanted to have a hair salon in which we ourselves feel comfortable and enjoy spending time, so we hope you like it, too.

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The Team

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The team consists at the moment of 5 full time stylists, plus Veronika, who works unseen in the background.

Level 3 Stylist Martina, is after Mark the most experienced team member.

Level 2 Stylist Antonin, has been working at POP since the very beginning.

Angelina has been thriving at POP since February 23 and is now a Level 2 Stylist.

Iryna joined the team as a Level 1 Stylist recently and will be covering the discounted entry level price category.

Choose your price based on the experience level of the stylists Martina, Angelina, Iryna, Antonin or Mark.

Good music, free drinks and new magazines complement our style.
To arrange your appointment visit us at Dejvicka 24 for a free consultation or call 608 579 544
or email pop @

Due to our small team opening times are kept flexible, but this roughly covers it:
Monday to Friday normally from 9am until around 8pm
Saturday mostly from 9 or 10am until 4pm

Sunday remains closed


Kids cuts

Veronika and I have three children, so it's safe to say we're pretty good with kids haircuts, too.

We're always telling ours though, that the salon is not a playground and running or yelling isn't cool. We also try to make sure that sharp tools stay out of reach, but please keep an eye on your kids.

You can book your children with all stylists, or try us for a spontaneous haircut. Childrens prices are reduced up to the age of 10 years included.
A spontaneous fringe trim or similar may also be covered by our "10 min Fix" service for 330Kč.
Please see our pricelist for detail.

And if your kids are anything like ours though, they'll definitely love the fact that an Angelato ice cream parlour is literally right next door!

That's already two very good reasons to visit Dejvicka Street.

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JessiCurl spacer

Curly Girls (and Guys)

Are you having a tough time finding a hairdresser who knows how to handle your curls?

You've heard of Deva cuts and CGM -the curly girl method-, but you're not sure what's best for you!?

We're quiet confident with curly hair and enjoy working with curls. (Up to about a level 3B on the curl definition chart.) We can recommend cleanser and conditioner to help you moisturise your hair and styling products that bring out the best in bounce, shine and frizz control.

We use the speciality product range "JessiCurl" to boost the bounce of curly hair and dry it with the amazing Dyson Supersonic Diffuser.

Currently we are also predicting a comeback of a new improved version of the perm and are looking forward to be adding this to our service range soon!


Inlight Beauty

This luxurious super natural skincare range is available to purchase at POP.
The latest addition is the lovely, new Neck Firming Serum.

"FOUNDED BY KNOWLEDGE, GUIDED BY ALCHEMY, INSPIRED BY NATURE Dr Spiezia's 100% organic skincare and wellness products capture the vital power of natural ingredients to regenerate the skin and uplift the soul, bringing beauty to life."

You will find abundant information about the brand philosophie, products, testimonials, press reviews and awards on their website at

See a pricelist of available Inlight skincare on our website:
Inlight Beauty

spacerInlight Beauty Natural Skincare
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Service Prices

OK, so we're not the cheapest of salons, but we definitely think we offer very good value for money and four levels of prices based on the experience level of the stylist still mean that you can choose a price suitable to your budget.

Of course, all stylists are trained above average and speak english.

We consider our Level 2 and Level 3 prices as our actual price range, whilst Level 1 Stylists are offering a discounted option and prices with Mark are higher.

For example prices for a woman's haircut including shampoo and blow dry range from 960Kč to 2550kč.

Prices for colour treatments; full colour, regrowth, balayage, ombre, foiliage, classic highlights etc are also all available in four levels.

Stop by for a free consultation to find out what we can do for you.

See price details here:
Service prices

John Masters Organics Hair Mask

Organic Haircare

John Masters Organics has been our "go to" organic haircare range at POP for quite a while now and this Hair Mask for example is simply devine.
We use the products in the salon, so you can experience them, but you can of course also purchase them for home use.

The shampoos and conditioners in general are just lovely and for a large family or a short trip, we have the right bottle size.
Learn more about John Masters products.

Would you like to try John Masters Organics? We usually have some free samples, so stop by for our recommendation.

POP by TRICHOMANIA 2024 by Mark & Veronika Weston - "A secret tip for a great haircut!" InStyle Magazine

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